Police and Frosh Week

Kingston Police plan to pay close attention to the University area during Frosh Week this September.

“The Kingston Police will be seen more often as students settle in and begin their new routine because during this exciting time, usual home security and personal safety observance may not be top of mind,” Inspector Brian Cookman said in a statement.

During last year’s Frosh Week, 154 alcohol-related tickets were issued to people in the area that Kingston Police refers to as Inner Queensville. It extends loosely from Brock St. to Union St. on a North to South boundary and Clergy St. to Victoria St. from East- to West. In 2009, 156 liquor citations were handed out. Only 39 alcohol-related tickets were given during Frosh Week 2008.

No specific figures were recorded in 2007, though Constable Mike Menor told the Journal in September 2007 that the ticket numbers were typical of previous years. In 2005, 112 tickets were issued during frosh week. 77 of them were given only two days in.

“The Kingston Police work closely with the University, AMS and Campus Security throughout the year to provide the safest environment possible,” Cookman said. “To that end, Kingston Police take very seriously any criminal or general illegal activity and will take action.”


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