Police search for suspect

Male suspect allegedly exposed his genitals to female student outside ARC

Kingston Police Force (KPF) are searching for a middle-aged male believed to be responsible for exposing himself to female students outside of the ARC on March 15.

Police originally received a call notifying them of an occurrence at approximately 10:45 p.m. A female student was leaving the ARC when she was approached by a male in a vehicle who had his penis exposed. Once the woman noticed, the man then drove away.

Detectives are also looking into a second incident that wasn’t reported to police, which occurred the same evening and only minutes after the first interaction. A female Queen’s student, also leaving from the ARC, was approached at Union and Pembroke Streets by a male in a vehicle with a similar description. He performed a U-turn to pull up beside the woman and made an utterance to her. She observed his hand in the area of his groin.

The male is described as Caucasian; in his 20s; with light brown or dirty blond, shaggy or spikey hair; clean shaven; and with no discernible accent. In one encounter, he was described as wearing a dark pullover sweater.

The vehicle is described as a four-door newer model sedan, dark blue or possibly black, small to medium in size. It was described by one witness as being similar to a Honda Civic.

A possible third incident was also described secondhand to police, where another female in the University District was approached in the same manner by a man who was described similarly, but in this instance was on foot. The perpretator allegedly exposed his penis, but this occurrence has yet to be verified by police until detectives can speak to the woman involved.

In January, Campus Security reported an incident of indecent exposure occurring just outside of the ARC, similar to recent events.

An unknown male walking on Earl St. said something indistinguishable to a female witness and then exposed his genitalia. The witness then entered the ARC as the suspect fled the scene.

According to the Campus Security report, the individual was described as a Caucasian male in his teens, possibly high school age, with light, possibly blond hair, and tall, with a slim build.

KPF Media Relations Officer Steve Koopman said, as far as they know, at this point there’s no identifiable match between the two instances. KPF has been investigating and using local and national database systems to try to identify potential matches to previous offenders.

KPF cautioned pedestrians, especially women in the University District area and near the ARC, to be aware of their surroundings and observant of similar males or vehicles that match the descriptions given.

Anyone with information or who comes in contact with the suspect can call 9-1-1. Anyone with follow-up information is asked to contact Det. Melanie Jefferies at 613-549-4660 ext 6185 or via email at mjefferies@kpf.ca.



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