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Queen’s band Sweet Jets releases their first full length album today

Guitarist and vocalist Colin Robinson says Sweet Jets nearly broke up last summer due to a lack of communication.
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Guitarist and vocalist Colin Robinson says Sweet Jets nearly broke up last summer due to a lack of communication.

After an accidental summer hiatus, Sweet Jets are ready to launch their newest album.

The band members said they’ve used the fall and winter months to jump back into music.

“We actually didn’t talk for a while because none of us were in town at that time, so we lost a lot of momentum and ambition,” guitarist and vocalist Colin Robinson said. “We almost broke up.”

Luckily for the three Queen’s students, this didn’t happen.

“I heard a rumour from a friend asking if the band was breaking up and it really freaked me out, and it got me to call the guys up for a chat,” Robinson, ArtSci ’13, said.

Drummer Paul Dyck said this was a wakeup call for the group.

“If there was ever a dramatic moment in Sweet Jets history, it was that,” Dyck, ArtSci ’13, said. “We were kind of on a hiatus.”

All three of the band members agreed they wanted to make an impact on the music scene before graduating and leaving Kingston.

“We really wanted to do something worthwhile before we pulled the plug,” Dyck said.

The band took the opportunity to play several house parties during the year to keep their low-fi sound tight, including a short-lived gig on St. Patrick’s Day.

“We played on a fucking roof at the peak of the police madness,” Dyck said. “It was on Aberdeen St. We got a song and a half in before the cops were on our ass.”

Aside from playing parties, the band has played The Mansion, Clark Hall Pub and the Artel.

They’ve also been featured on CFRC’s Civic Guilt, a Kingston musician compilation CD.

“That was super humbling to be on a compilation with bands like PS I Love You, The Gertrudes, Sleuth Bears and other friends of ours,” Robinson said.

With the band’s first full length album, entitled Square Waves, recorded and set to be released today, the band agreed they love their new polished, yet gritty sound.

Robinson said these brand new tunes stick out from their early 2011 tunes because of the larger, punchier sound that developed after bassist Gagné joined in on bass guitar last year.

“We were a two piece and didn’t have a big enough sound to be a trendy duo band like Japandroids,” Dyck joked. “We thought it would be cheaper for us to get a bassist than buy a bunch of pedals for Colin to use.”

Despite Dyck’s kidding, the band is extremely excited about how their lineup has helped the band develop.

“With Sweet Jets, our song ideas are only a placeholder,” Robinson said. “Each part is morphed by each member into something truly ‘garage.’”

Sweet Jet’s CD Release Party for Square Waves is tomorrow at The Grad Club.


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