Pups Of K-Town

By Katherine Kopiak (ArtSci ’14)


One thing that I absolutely love about living in Kingston is that no matter where you are you’re very likely to encounter a four-legged canine.

Almost every time I walk down Princess St. I run into people walking with their dogs. Being the dog fanatic that I am, seeing one immediately brightens my day. Not only do I go and pet them, I’ll even go so far as taking their pictures for Instragram. I know that when other people upload pictures of dogs it always makes me smile, so why not spread the cuteness?

I have two Miniature Pinschers back home in Mississauga, so I go through somewhat of a withdrawal during my time at Queen’s; seeing dogs around the Kingston community serves as a constant reminder.

I’ve often thought about getting a dog at Queen’s, but as many have told me, it would make more sense to wait until I’ve found a permanent home. That being said, I’m considering doing a foster-care program through Lost Paws at Queen’s.

The foster-care program is associated with the Kingston Humane Society where people can look after a dog in need, for a short period of time. This is ideal for students with temporary homes themselves. On a visit to the Kingston Humane Society earlier this year, it was advised that students really consider doing foster-care programs if they wish to have a dog at school.

So if you’re in the same boat as me and wish you had a dog at school, I highly recommend looking into applying for a foster-care program.; The Humane Society provides all of the supplies, food and medications, making it affordable for students. Simply fill out an assessment form and drop it off or fax it in to The KHS. Or, if you feel like simply spending some time with pups that would love the attention, try volunteering at the Kingston Humane Society.


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