QJ Sex: All about the SHRC

Looking for sex advice? One of the best-kept secrets of Queen’s is the Sexual Health Resource Centre, better known as the SHRC.

While the SHRC may be known for teach-ins and the dancing condom suit, we also have a wide variety of services which are often overlooked.

The SHRC is a confidential, non-judgmental, sex positive, pro-choice, queer positive, non-heterosexist and feminist information and referral service for questions regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health. Our office is staffed by trained volunteers who are able to respond to inquiries made in-person or by telephone.

The SHRC operates year-round and services Queen’s University and the broader Kingston community.

What can you look forward to with the SHRC in the Journal? We’ll be publishing QJ Sex columns every three weeks online, with intermittent appearances in print when we’ve got special things happening.

The column will be a source of information about sexy happenings in the Queen’s and Kingston communities that will keep you up to date on current issues.

Sexperts (that’s us) will actively participate in ongoing debates about hot political, ethical, scientific and advocacy-related topics.

And now, for the first time in print, sexperts will respond directly to your queries. That’s right — we want to hear directly from students.

You’ll be able to anonymously submit questions on the SHRC website (www.shrckingston.org) and have our brilliant expert-sexperts weigh in on the answer.

Given their sex smarts and open minds, no topic is off limits: the more information they can share, the better.



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