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Who we think is most likely to win Rachel’s heart

While usually people have a case of the Monday blues, the return of the Bachelorette on TV signifies magic, hilarity and a good excuse to pretend to believe in love once again.

This year is no different than others, with 31 men pulling out all the stops to impress Rachel Lindsay who, let’s be real, is too good for any of these men.

Here at The Journal we are pretty invested in this show so without further ado, here’s The Journal staff’s top three picks of the men we think will go furthest to win our girl Rachel’s heart.

Bryan, Chiropractor, 37

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a Columbian hottie who can speak Spanish as smoothly as he can apply hairgel. Rachel evidently feels the same way about Brian because he received her first impression rose as well as her first kiss of the season — which was very spicy by the way. Bryan is probably going to go far this season considering the history of several first impression rose candidates (Rachel herself last season, Jordan Rogers, Shawn Boothe and Catherine Lowe). Looking at the facts and the statistics we have in front of us, The Journal staff is putting Bryan at the top of our list.

Kenny, Professional Wrestler, 35

From his first introduction video, it’s obvious that Kenny is a sweetheart. He is a professional wrestler and also a dad to a ten year-old girl who he seems crazy about. Considering the long list of weirdoes who stepped out of the limo on night one, Kenny actually seems very sweet and we think that he can treat Rachel well. We didn’t get to know Kenny that well on night one, but we have high hopes for him in the future.

Lucas, “Whaboom”, 30

Or better known as Whaboom because of his aggressive catchphrase that he also had printed on his t-shirt. What can we say? The Journal staff loves an underdog and there always has to be a dramatic guy who stirs things up. On night one the guy who came in with an entire marching band, Blake E., took it upon himself to confront Whaboom for “not being there for the right reasons” and we are sure that, with Whaboom hanging around, tension will continue to rise. And what is the Bachelorette without tension? If we are being honest with ourselves, Whaboom is on this list because we know the producers are going to keep him around for at least a couple weeks so we might as well get one step closer to accepting it. 


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