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“Dear QJAdvice,

With all these late night study sessions, parties, and dinner dates, I am having a hard time following my diet. I exercise regularly but I know that isn’t enough. I don’t wanna gain the freshman 15 again. Please help!

– Christine A.”


With a busy life it can be hard to feel like you are staying healthy! The regular exercise is definitely important; it will keep you energized and make you feel better. Believe it or not, you can stay healthy without having to give up the parties, dinner dates and study sessions as long as you eat the right things. There are tons of healthy options. For example, instead of eating chips while you’re studying try veggies and dip or trail mix, at a restaurant try the turkey burger instead of the cheese burger so you can still go out but stay healthy.

It’s definitely okay to indulge once in a while (don’t always deprive yourself of poutine or pizza!) but you don’t need to have the junk all the time. It’s all about balance, so as long as you make sure you have time to exercise and you do your best to make healthy eating choices, you can still have your occasional treat and be okay, without the freshman 15!

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