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Dear QJAdvice: The holidays are coming up and I’m at a loss for what to get my girlfriend. Her and I have very different budgets (she likes to spend $100+ on a present, while I have a much smaller budget.) I tried to suggest that we establish a price limit but she was against it. I’m worried that my gift won’t be good enough. Lawrence F.

Instead of worrying about how much your gift is going to cost, think about what you want it to show. There are a lot of things really cool about a nice, expensive gift, but they definitely aren’t the most meaningful. Instead of over spending money on the gift, try spending time on it. You’ll be able to make a heartfelt gift, like a frame with pictures of you guys, a nice card and take her on a cute date (hot chocolate and movies..perfect for winter)! She’ll be way more touched and surprised if you can show her how much she means to you by spending time to make something special, that’s just for her. It will be a lot more heartfelt and you’ll see that you don’t need to spend too much to make it the best holiday present ever! Good luck!

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