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Question: “Hey QJAdvice,

My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months, and he just brought up that he is going on exchange in January. We talked about going unofficial again so there would be no pressure. I have a lot of anxiety about the up coming months. What should I do?

-Samantha B”

Answer: I think that it’s normal to be anxious, considering that January is so far away and there’s lots of time to think about it. Try to think about why you’re anxious. Is it because you are worried about the long distance? About being unofficial? Once you’ve figured out why you’re anxious, you need to let your boyfriend know. However, January is still months away, meaning you guys still have lots of time together at Queen’s! Take it day by day so that you enjoy the time that you get to spend together. Closer to January, re-evaluate what you want to do for the exchange depending how you are both feeling a few months from now. You have lots of time, you don’t need to have January planned out now! Good luck!


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