QJPop: Freeze frame fumble

No one likes an unflattering photo of themselves, Beyonce included.

Both Beyonce and her publicist aren’t too pleased with a series of photos circulating the Internet which capture Beyonce in various stages of dancing during her recent Superbowl performance.

Of course, the photos have been taken by Internet trolls and turned into memes, creating a commotion surrounding these pictures.

I laughed out loud at some of the memes created but as much as I get a kick out of Beyonce’s unfortunate freeze frames it’s kind of like laughing at someone when they take a hard tumble… it’s funny, but that person’s face probably hurts and we should ask if they’re okay before we continue to laugh at their expense.

So let’s break it down and assess Beyonce’s well-being here:

… she’s still rich

… she’s married to Jay-Z

… she was allowed to name her super child Blue Ivy

… she has a better singing voice than even our best shower time performances

… and she is pretty damn sexy despite these photos

Thus, we may continue to laugh at these awful freeze frames and subsequent memes.

We all know you’re gorgeous, Beyonce … we’re just enjoying the fun.

We should all accept the fact that dancing that fiercely takes a lot of effort. You have to take in the whole dance in full-motion to appreciate just how vivacious that half-time show was.

Whether you like her or not, suck it up and accept the fact that Beyonce has talent and a few unflattering photos don’t define her.

So, Beyonce, Don’t sweat it, you’re super sexy and fierce (even if I do believe that GQ cover of you is obscenely photo shopped). Don’t feel shame for being that bad-ass at dancing and singing — your haters can only be jealous. Take these photos and embrace them; not everyone gets to become a meme.


Beyonce, SuperBowl

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