QJPop: Reality TV revolution

I’ve lost count of how many reality talent show competitions TV stations air these days.

Seriously, can anyone keep up?

As I was browsing the blogs and entertainment news for my daily pop culture fill, I came across a whole article about hiring judge’s drama.

Justin Timberlake said he doesn’t have the balls to judge, they’re looking at Heidi Klum who’s set to join America’s Got Talent … etc. etc.

Honestly, I know it’s pop culture in the first place … but who cares at this point?

I remember when it was fun to keep track of all the Idols and there was an actually promise of fame and success after the show was over for the winners.

Now, you rarely see a winner or top performer amount to all those promises after the show wraps up.

Only a select few really do enjoy a good career after.

How could all of them expect to be successful anyways, with the amount of talent shows running and the growing number of “stars” churned out.

Although every now and then I’m still marveled by the talent out there, I’m getting bored.

Let’s relax, take a step back and actually produce new ideas before we tune in to the same reality shows over and over again.

Let’s all start thinking about new concepts really outside of the usual (think along the lines of “Lost” – totally new and innovative, making your mind explode).

Let’s not just sit back and hope some TV expert comes up with a marketable idea.

I’m calling for a reality TV revolution!

So, I’ll put this question to you readers, does anyone have any good ideas?

Rachel Herscovici is QJBlogs’ Pop Culture Columnist. She’s a second-year English major and one of the Journal’s Assistant News Editors. Follow her on Twitter @rachelhersci


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