QJPop: Why I love Jennifer Lawrence

She’s hilarious, she’s sassy, she’s down-to earth and she speaks her mind. She’s Jennifer Lawrence and I want her to be my BFF.

For the 22-year-old, the odds are definitely in her favour seeing as she is literally the girl on fire in Hollywood right now. Sorry for the bad Hunger Games references, but the truth still stands.

Although I’m a huge fan now, I remember being very distraught when she was cast as Katniss in the Hunger Games convinced she would ruin my vision of what the movie should be.

Naturally, she exceeded all of my expectations and went on to kill it in her Golden Globe winning performance for Silver Linings Playbook (which brought the world the cutest acceptance speech ever).

She was also adorably funny when she hosted the SNL where the Lumineers played.

Despite the accolades, she’s a pretty normal Hollywood sensation is you ask me. She has two brothers and her parents didn’t support her acting career at first … regular life for a young starlet.

On top of her natural charisma, she looks killer, doesn’t make a point of being a stick and loves food.

This is as delightful as my Nutella on toast tastes because I’m getting pretty sick of two things: Photoshop and girls starving themselves to try to fit this unhealthy ideal of “beautiful”.

Girls need a role model to show them what beauty is; it’s about finding a balance and being yourself just like J-Law here.

Healthy and genuine is beautiful; Jennifer Lawrence, you’re doing it right!

So, I want to thank you Jennifer for actually being a real person. You’re basically a needle in a haystack. You stand out amongst a crowd of phonies and you’re taking over the big screen with your genuine illustriousness.

For further confirmation of her excellence, see here.

Do it. You won’t regret it.

Rachel Herscovici is QJBlogs’ Pop Culture Columnist. She’s a second-year English major and one of the Journal’s Assistant News Editors. Follow her on Twitter @rachelhersci


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