Queen’s Black Faculty & Staff Caucus issues statement on Ukraine

‘We denounce the violence’ 

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Press released published on Mar. 21.

On Mar. 21, Queen’s Black Faculty & Staff Caucus issued a statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“We denounce the violence, displacement, and suffering that is being senselessly inflicted on the residents of Ukraine,” the press release stated. 

The statement urged the Queen’s community not to let racism “define” whose lives are valued and whose are not. 

“We are especially dismayed by explanations that seek to construct Ukrainian sufferings as extraordinary and exceptional by normalizing violence in places outside the Euro-American world and casting Black and other people of colour as inured to the devastations of war.” 

The Caucus also spoke to the role of “global solidarity” in supporting the people of Ukraine.

“We are also committed to global solidarity that recognizes how war in all its forms (sanctions consequences of climate catastrophes, famine, etc.) destroys lives and communities all around the world,” the statement read. 

“This is the time for governments, institutions and individuals to be deeply reflective, reflexive, and engaged in an ethics of care for all, and this includes all of us in the Queen’s University community.” 


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