Queen’s dominates marketing competiton

Six students in the top 10 for Canada’s next top Ad Exec

Six Queen’s students are vying to be Canada’s Next Top Ad Exec.

The national competition is looking for some of the country’s top business students, with six of the top 10 in the country coming from Queen’s.

The competition asks the teams of two to create a marketing campaign for a new Chevrolet vehicle.

In teams of one or two, students compete for prizes which include the top prize of over $30,000, along with scholarships from Chevrolet Canada, internship positions and networking opportunities that all the competitors are eligible for.

Ben Keefe, Brendon Holder, Carolyn Saunders, Nick Pateras, Alessia Vettese and Lucy Zheng are finalists in the competition, all hoping to climb the corporate ladder to first place.

Most of the Queen’s contestants had previously seen the Top Ad Exec booth in Goodes Hall and applied a year later. Last year, a Queen’s team took the second spot.

“It’s a lot different than an assignment that you would do. It’s an extended assignment where there are a lot of different phases,” Holder, Comm ’13, said.

“It’s a shot in the dark because you don’t know what the feedback is going to be and you already have to work on the next step without receiving the feedback yet.”

Competitors go through three phases: the elevator pitch, the strategy document and the final presentation, which will occur on Tuesday in Toronto.

The teams are always open to critiquing one another and to receiving criticism, he added.

Although not all teams work in this same fashion, they all agreed that they each have their own successful method.

The competition pushes students to use both their creativity and knowledge of business to create a marketing pitch, while receiving “feedback from various industry professionals,” Saunders, Comm ’13, said.



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