Queen’s Journal Volume 148 Editor in Chief elected

Raechel Huizinga excited to cultivate ‘the passion and talent’ of the student newspaper

Raechel Huizinga, The Queen’s Journal’s current news editor, was elected the publication’s 148th editor in chief on Feb. 12.

Huizinga, who ran uncontested, secured the position with 26 of the 27 votes (96.3 per cent) in her favour. 28 out of 42 electors (66.7 per cent) voted in the ballot, dropping 7.8 per cent from last year’s turnout.

“The day I found out I was elected editor in chief of The Queen’s Journal was probably the happiest day of my life,” Huizinga said, following the election results. “I’ve never felt so honoured, so grateful, or so excited.”

Huizinga said she’s looking forward to cultivating the passion and talent awaiting Volume 148.

“To my future staff, I’m so excited to see you succeed and thrive, and I’m already proud of you,” she said. “Seeing everyone’s hard work this year has been both motivating and inspiring, and it’s something I’ll carry with me into the next volume.”

Managing Editor Iain Sherriff-Scott said he was happy to leave The Journal in Huizinga’s capable hands, citing the challenges posed to student presses across the province by the Student Choice Initiative and Huizinga’s awareness of them.

“She’s seen the impacts of the Student Choice Initiative firsthand, she’s reported some of the toughest stories of the last two years, and she’s given staff members and contributors alike the confidence and courage to pursue their passions,” Sherriff-Scott said.

Huizinga comes to the position of editor in chief with two years’ experience on the editorial board as news editor for Volume 147 and assistant news editor for Volume 146. She was also a contributor and staff writer for Volume 145.

Current Editor in Chief Meredith Wilson-Smith described Huizinga as a leader who defined herself by the high standards she set in ethics and journalism, and as someone ready to ‘ride or die’ for this paper.

“She’s a passionate and brave reporter, and The Journal will be stronger for her leadership—just as it’s become stronger due to her talent over her last two years on staff,” Wilson-Smith said.



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