Queen’s prioritizes gender-neutral washrooms in new buildings

The new JDUC will have washrooms for all students

A quarter of Queen’s buildings have a gender-neutral washroom on every floor.

Students at Queen’s will notice changes this summer and in the coming years as the University commits to converting to some single-user, gender-neutral facilities.

Queen’s University is actively working to convert the washrooms in its current buildings into single-user, gender-neutral facilities, most of which will be addressed through signage changes. All future academic and administrative buildings will have washrooms that are gender neutral.

“Completion of the gender-neutral signage this summer will create 248 single-user gender neutral washrooms across campus,” said Tony Gkotsis, director campus planning and real estate, in a statement to The Journal.

The University’s Built Environment Advisory Group and the Provost’s Action Group for Gender and Sexual Diversity (PAGGAS) collaborated on the development of the gender-neutral signage.

Appropriate signage makes it clear that washrooms aren’t restricted by gender, according to Queen’s Gender Neutral Washrooms Policy.

“Currently in the design phases are projects for Kingston Hall, and Beamish Monroe Hall,” Gkotsis said.

The campus map displays the current location of all single-user accessible, and gender-neutral washrooms on campus which exist in 81 per cent of campus buildings. with 26 per cent of buildings having a gender-neutral washrooms on each floor.

In campus residences, some washrooms are private while others can be used by the entire floor.

Adelaide Hall and Ban Righ Hall are two residence buildings with washrooms for solely female identifying students. Residence buildings Gordon Brockington House, Harkness Hall, Jean Royce Hall, Leonard Hall, McNeill House, Morris Hall, and Waldron Tower include a gender-neutral, communal washroom.

Students living in residence will see the conversion of multi-stall facilities to single-user facilities over time.

“Individual student’s needs are identified and addressed through the accommodation process embedded within the residence application,” Gkotosis said. “Queen’s is committed to fostering an inclusive campus and meeting the needs of our community.”

In line with the University, adding gender-affirming healthcare to the AMS Health and Dental Plan for September is in the works, with more information to become available later in the summer, AMS Communications Director Mikayla Crawford said in a statement to The Journal.

Queer students seeking support can contact Queers4Peers, an AMS service.


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