Queen’s radio station hosts 15th annual funding drive

CFRC 101.9FM raises money to support local news, multicultural programming

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CFRC had to change the structure of its fundraising because of COVID-19 guidelines.

Campus radio station CFRC 101.9 FM is hoping to raise $15,000 as part of its 15th annual funding drive from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31. 

CFRC is a not-for-profit campus community radio station and the oldest campus-based broadcaster worldwide, providing innovative and alternative radio programming to Queen’s and Kington community members. 

Dinah Jansen, CFRC 101.9 station manager, told The Journal that the money raised will be used to upgrade some of the station’s studio equipment and sustain coordination of its community news and multicultural programming projects.

Jansen said the station launched its multicultural programming earlier this year with the help of the Radio Meters Grant which the station received from the Community Radio Fund of Canada, but the grant expires August 2021. 

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“We’d like to be able to sustain our efforts and onboard more multicultural and multi-linguistic programming on our air waves, which requires person power,” Jansen said.

Jansen explained that sustainable community news and multicultural programming development is extremely important, particularly this year.

“The Queen’s and Kingston community is incredibly diverse and we want to have programming on our airwaves that reflects the diversity of our communities in Kingston and at Queen’s,” Jansen said. 

“We need help from a coordinator who would be able to do outreach and want to do programming in languages other than English or celebrate music and culture from countries outside of Canada.”

Jansen also discussed the negative implications and challenges COVID-19 has placed on the station’s fundraising efforts this year. 

“In our last 14 funding drives we would usually have in-person events for example […] [hosting] a bowl-a-thon, or a dance party at a local venue, a concert, and family friendly events,” Jansen said.

While the station is unable to engage with community members in person, it’s connecting with listeners through social media and through the airwaves.

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According to Jansen, the station is hosting its biggest funding event of the drive this week, the Short Wave Theatre Festival.

“We are running a series of radio theatre performances that have been produced, written, and directed by many local community members, including Queen’s students and Queen’s alumni.”

Jansen noted the station is also running a series of special programming in the upcoming months to promote engagement, including live studio performances by local bands, interviews with local musicians and artists, and spoken word programming with an emphasis on issues of community importance. 

“Our volunteers are leveling up and giving it their all to ensure it’s the most awesome programming anyone’s ever heard,” Jansen said. 

The station will also be hosting a weekly raffle for community members who donate $50 or more through its GoFundMe or by cash or cheque. 

While the raffle items will be supplied by different local businesses each week, Jansen hinted that “this week [the station has] a raffle draw for items from The Screening Room, Brian’s Record Option, and the Kingston Canadian Film Festival.”

For those wishing to donate without being entered into the raffle, Jansen said the station is also providing the option for community members to donate through Queen’s and receive a tax receipt in return for their “generous donations.”

“CFRC is a home for students and community members. There’s something for everyone, visit us at CFRC, and, if you’re able, please do support the station.”

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