Queen’s student elections now underway

AMS Executive, Undergraduate Trustee, and faculty society nominations open

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Voting for elections will commence once the nomination period ends. 

Campus elections are now underway, with nominations opening across campus in faculty society and AMS elections. Prospective candidates need a certain number of signatures from students to be nominated.

AMS Executive and Undergraduate Trustee nominations opened on Jan. 12, with nominations extending to Jan. 16. ASUS nominations opened on Jan. 11 with the final date of nomination expected to be Jan. 20. 

The Engineering Society (EngSoc) nominations for executive and junior senator opened on Jan. 12, with the final date being Jan. 18. The society has planned for an extended nominations period—only if needed—from Jan. 19 to 22. 

The SGPS nomination period started on Jan. 11 and will end on Jan. 25.

Students can vote for their faculty society and larger, campus-wide executives when the ballot arrives in their email. Students should remember to check their junk folders and remember AMS and SGPS elections don’t always align with your faculty society’s election. 

The Journal will be covering all campus elections at the faculty society and campus-wide level in the news section. 


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