Queen’s to install free menstrual product dispensers next week

Period products will be available in the JDUC, Queen’s Centre, and Stauffer

Image by: Jodie Grieve
EngSoc is also looking to add menstrual product dispensers in the ILC.

After COVID-19 related delays, the University shared it will be installing dispensers for free menstrual products on Sept. 28.

Samuel Whyte, director of Quality and Service Excellence (Custodial), told The Journal that the University is “kicking off [the project] with the JDUC, Stauffer, and Queen’s Centre.”

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The AMS announced on April 30 that the University had committed to installing and stocking free menstrual products in high-traffic buildings on campus. However, the University was unable to provide a timeline for when the project would be implemented because of the pandemic’s impact on operations.

The initiative, funded by Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration) Donna Janiec, was spearheaded by the 2019-20 AMS executive to make pads and tampons more physically accessible in the Queen’s community.

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The Engineering Society (EngSoc) is also looking into the possibility of implementing menstrual product stations in the Integrated Learning Centre (ILC).

EngSoc President Spencer Lee said the project was “inspired” by the AMS’s initiative.

“Depending on the success of these trials, we would love to see this initiative continue on into the ILC where there is traditionally a high traffic volume for engineering students,” Lee wrote in a statement to The Journal.

Lee added the Society is unable to provide a timeline for the project because the ILC is currently closed to the public due to physical-distancing guidelines.

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