Ranking ORT Mystery Concert headliners

The ORT Mystery Concert remains a hit for first-year students

Image by: Herbert Wang
Yung Gravy, Marianas Trench, and Tokyo Police Club have all headlined the ORT mystery concert.

Orientation week is one of the most exciting parts of joining the Queen’s community, where students partake in various events filled with excitement. Each year the ORT chooses an artist to headline a concert that firs- year students attend in the Miller Hall parking lot.

Here’s a ranking of some fan-favourite past performers and their concerts.

3. Yung Gravy

After three years without a mystery concert due to COVID-19 restrictions, our concert drought was saved by gravy—Yung Gravy.

This brought hysteria and excitement to not only the class of ’26, but to the second- and third-year students who never got to experience a mystery concert.

Gravy achieved his fame through TikTok videos and his relationship with TikTok celebrity Addison Rae’s mother. Unfortunately, without his online status and speaking to his music alone, I would argue there may have been be much less interest in Gravy as a performer.

Gravy’s setlist was hip-hop and rap music—a genre past mystery concert performers had yet to play. This offered a fresh performance for students.

2. Yukon Blonde & Tokyo Police Club

The Journal dubbed the 2012 mystery lineup a hit for the class of ’16’s students, and I must agree.

Yukon Blonde and Tokyo Police Club (TPC) took the stage in 2012. I don’t know either band well, but after a quick Apple Music search, their talent, strong vocals, and positive melodies spoke for themselves. I have no doubt these bands hyped up the crowd of first year students.

Songs like “Bambi” by Tokyo Police Club offered upbeat indie melodies paired with strong rock-styled vocals from lead singer Dave Monks. Yukon Blonde added cheerful instrumental compositions in songs like “Stairway,” complimented by lead singer Jeff Innes’ alternative vocals.

In 2023, this lineup of bands would be a flop due to their lack of relevance, but it’s no doubt in their prime year, Tokyo Police Club and Yukon Blonde would be fan favourites for the student body.

1. Marianas Trench

I hope my envy doesn’t seep into this ranking too much, but the 2018 Queen’s Mystery Concert welcomed Marianas Trench to the stage, and they didn’t disappoint.

Unsurprisingly, lead singer Josh Ramsay brought the energy to Miller Hall, performing hit songs such as “Desperate Measures,” “Cross My Heart,” and “Shake Tramp.”

Each song offered rock guitar tunes and pop melodies that would make anyone jump up and down, with lyrics you couldn’t help but sing along to—as explicit as they were.

Having grown up listening to much of their music on pop radio, many of us have a deep-rooted familiarity with the popular Vancouver band. I wish I could experience the level of nostalgia throughout the crowd that night.

The bar is high for future Mystery Concert artists after Ramsay’s performance.


While the headliners for the 2023 Mystery Concert may not be your favourite artist, it’s still a great opportunity to be out with new friends, entering a new chapter of your life.


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