Rector candidate Jake Roseman hopes to unify student body

The drama major has been speaking with various student groups to understand student concerns

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Rector candidate Jake Roseman

Rector candidate and current Residence Society President, Jake Roseman said he hopes to promote unity throughout the student body if elected for office. 

Inspired by what he calls a passion for student advocacy and a strong desire to represent the student voice, Roseman has thrown his hat into the ring in efforts to be elected as Rector. 

According to his website, Roseman’s campaign consists of three primary pillars: unifying Queen’s, comfort on campus and moving the campus forward. Specifically, he aims to promote inclusivity, as well as attempt to improve relations with Queen’s alumni during his term. He also cited freedom of speech as a key concern for his platform. 

Roseman, ArtSci ’19, sat down with The Journal to discuss his perspective on the position and the various student issues he will need to address on campus if elected. 

“I first got involved [in politics] a couple years back over the summer at a law firm doing some pro bono work for a different university,” Roseman said. “I was helping improve their elections policy for their undergraduate society. That whole process for a couple months really got me passionate about student government in a new way.” 

He said that experience led him to his current position as Residence Society (ResSoc) President, where he advocates for almost 4,500 students in residence.

In his current position, Roseman said he’s already enacted substantial changes in residence life at the University; he’s aided in policy changes regarding residence drinking, sustainability initiatives and student meal plans. 

In an effort to understand the student body perspective, in accordance with his emphasis on “listening to the student voice,” Roseman said he’s already spoke with various stakeholders on campus regarding a variety of issues. The list includes SGPS members regarding graduate student needs, various student groups to learn about diversity and members of administration to discuss human rights and sustainability. 

Roseman also believes his current experience in student government is an advantage in his bid for Rector. 

“I think I definitely have an experience listening to the student voice and trying to accommodate for student interests. I also have a decent understanding of first-year student life, which I think is very critical for student success,” he explained. 

“I have a pretty good understanding of the mechanisms of the University as a whole. I work with the AMS and a little bit with the SGPS … in my understanding of those different roles, I have a decent understanding of how the University operates as a whole.” 


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