Results Released from Senate Engagement Survey

Majority of respondents reported ‘insufficient time’ to discuss Senate agenda in detail  

Image by: Tessa Warburton
Principal Daniel Woolf at Senate Tuesday.

In a recent Senate Engagement Survey, a majority of respondents said they’re unhappy with the lack of time allotted to prepare for the body’s meetings. 

Approximately 44 per cent of Senators completed the survey, with 40 per cent of the body recording a response for each question. The rate of response dropped slightly when compared to the previous year, with a response rate averaging 56 per cent.  

Overall, respondents reacted slightly negatively towards questions related to engagement in Senate meetings. When asked about the degree to which respondents felt enriched by the feeling of being a Senator, 56 per cent had recorded they felt the degree was ‘adequate’ or ‘low.’  

A mostly positive response was reported when Senators were asked to record the level to which they felt involved in the  University’s decision-making process.  

Some respondents indicated having only a week to read and analyze the Senate agendas was ‘insufficient’ due to the volume of the agenda and committee report materials.  

The survey’s questions supported a consistent theme, finding general satisfaction the Senate is doing the job it’s meant to do.  

The Senate Governance Nomination Committee will approve conclusions of the survey, and issues addressed will be discussed during upcoming Senate meetings


Daniel Woolf, Senate

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