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This week, I decided to check out the Grizzly Grill, on Princess Street. I thought it would be a great place for a nice meal at a reasonable price. As we entered, the hostess was polite showing us to a lovely table for two on the upper level. The menu looked delicious and the decor was very homey. Unfortunately, our waitress appeared to be having an exceptionally bad day and was downright rude.

When our appetizers, the alligator and calzone, did not come out for forty minutes we were informed that due to the busyness of the restaurant, our appetizers would not be out for a long while. Though they were delicious and large portions, the alligator tasted much like across between chicken and scallop. The calzone was sweet and filled with delicious Brie cheese.

When our main courses arrived we were no longer hungry. We had the Shrimp Provencial and the Shrimp Pesto Pizza, both excellent and large choices that we, sadly, could barely touch as it had taken almost 1.5 hours to get. If you are looking for a good meal at a reasonable price, the Grizzly Grill is a good choice, provided it is not “too busy” on the night you choose it.


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Sara likes food.

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