Shinerama continues to shine through the rain

Frosh Week event raises funds for cystic fibrosis

Class of 2019 gather indoors on Shinerama Shine Day during the rain
Image by: Maria Vlasova
Class of 2019 gather indoors on Shinerama Shine Day during the rain

During a rain-filled afternoon, Frosh Week came to a close with Shinerama Shine Day.

Shinerama, an annual ArtSci student-organized fundraiser for cystic fibrosis, operates on over 60 campuses across Canada. Students participate in bottle drives, car washes and other fundraising events for the day.

Queen’s Shinerama has had a history of success in achieving its fundraising goals, exceeding its target in past years. This year, their goal was $80,000, but the total amount of fundraising hasn’t been tallied yet.

Cystic fibrosis is the most common fatal genetic disease affecting Canadians and has no cure yet. Every week in Canada, one person dies of cystic fibrosis and two children are diagnosed.

Siobhan Bradley, ArtSci ’16, is the chair of the Community Awareness, Respect, and Engagement committee, which organizes the event. She said that it serves the first-years just as much as it serves a good cause.

“We want to have the incoming students start off on a good foundation by raising awareness and being a part of a community through an effort to find a cure,” she said.

Despite the rain, first-year students were eager to take part in the event. Emily Grishaber, ArtSci ’19, said holding the event during Frosh Week makes the subject of cystic fibrosis easier to approach.

“If you’re here with a lot of people, you feel more comfortable,” she said.

The event was dispersed over three locations: Victoria Park, Mac-Gillivray Brown Hall and Beamish Munroe Hall Parking Lot. Confederation Park was originally one of the locations, but it was moved to MacGillivray Brown Hall due to the rain.


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