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With a 92 per cent vote of confidence, Team LoKK takes the Concurrent Education Students’ Association win

President-elect Alex Love is congratulated on his win for CESA’s executive along with teamates Vice-President (External) elect Katie Wilson and Vice-President (Internal) elect Kimberly Howald.
Image by: Asad Chishti
President-elect Alex Love is congratulated on his win for CESA’s executive along with teamates Vice-President (External) elect Katie Wilson and Vice-President (Internal) elect Kimberly Howald.

With winter coats zipped up to the top, Team LoKK awaited to hear the results for this year’s Concurrent Education Students Association (CESA) executive election.

Although the weather was cold last night, the news brought warmth to their faces. Upon hearing the news, the team trekked through piles of snow from the traditional CESA council dinner held at Fanatics, to the CESA offices to acquire the presidential gamble, symbolizing their place in office.

The team, consisting of presidential candidate Alex Love, vice-president (external) candidate Katie Wilson and vice-presidential (internal) candidate Kimberly Howald, won a vote of confidence with 199 out of 216 votes; 92 per cent.

Love said that when his team heard the news, the first thing that went through his mind was “wow it really does start now.”

“All of us were healthy- nervous,” Love said, adding that the first thing they hope to do is talk to past executives.

“[We want to] have them lay down how they thought the past year went and really try to improve that next year,” he said. “In hiring our council, I think we sort of have a really good idea as to who we are looking for. We’ve had a few people on council before and we look forward to seeing them on council this year.” Howald said they are looking for in the people they hire for their council.

“We are hoping to get more lower years involved, all you have to do is fill out an application and there’s an interview process afterwards. We encourage everyone to get involved,” she said.

Current CESA president Anna Pfeiffer said that although CESA doesn’t have as much competition in their elections, the candidates who run are always well qualified for their positions.

“I’m excited to see things that they will do differently and things that they will build on,” she said, adding that last year her team’s focus was on increasing inclusivity and that’s something that the incoming team plans to build on.

Pfeiffer said one of her main goals while in office was ensuring that the CESA office was a positive space.

This was accomplished by providing all council members with anti-oppression training to acquire the positive space sticker. Pfeiffer said she’s excited about the new executives as they each provide an expertise of a different background.

“I wish them the best of luck and I look forward to passing on the proverbial torch.” Théa Pel vice-president (external) of CESA said she really likes how the goals of the incoming team are reasonable and achievable.

“That’s important because that’s how you are going to achieve them and that’s how you’re going to enrich your society,” she said. Pel, who said with the end of the current executive team’s term, the feeling is bittersweet. “We had our time and it’s someone else’s turn and I’m okay with that,” she said, adding that the previous experience of the candidates will be to their advantage.

“They will do a great job. They’re the kind of people who will ask the questions that need to be asked.”

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