Six AMS employees hand in resignation letters

All six employees were in management roles

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The vacated positions were posted to AMS Apply, with more to come.

Over the summer, six AMS management employees resigned from positions across commissions and services.

In emails sent to The Journal, the AMS clarified positions were vacated due to post-graduate opportunities and personal circumstances which made it unfeasible for employees to continue in their roles.

“[The resignations] slightly disrupted operations, but we have continued on with regular operations,” AMS President Kate McCuaig said in an interview with The Journal.

The resignations led to a minor disruption in AMS operations as departing staff had to quickly finish ongoing tasks and other AMS employees had to take over their projects.

Four of the six vacated positions were posted on AMS Apply in late July and throughout August. Those applications have since closed.

Since then, the AMS hired a new Human Resources Manager and Printing and Copy Centre Logistics and Staff Relations Manager. Interviews are ongoing for the Peer Support Centre Head Manager, Tricolour Marketing & Online Assistant Manager, and Common Ground Admin and Staff Relations Assistant Manager positions.

The role of Environmental Sustainability Internal Manager hasn’t yet been listed on AMS Apply.

Following the increase in resignations, McCuaig explained she’s in the process of enhancing the AMS employee transition procedures to ensure a more comprehensive rehiring process.

As part of this updated rehiring process, current AMS staff are now maintaining monthly-transition diaries. In these diaries, staff document completed tasks and any barriers they faced on the job, creating reference documents for incoming employees.

“If someone does have to transition [into a position during] the year due to a resignation, they’re prepared to do so. They’re ready to jump in where the other person left off,” McCuaig said.

For Angela Oh, Kin ’23, her early resignation from her position as Tricolour Outlet Marketing and Online Manager came as a surprise.

“I didn’t expect to receive an offer of admission [to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College]. However, when I did, I knew I needed to resign from my position to continue my education,” Oh said in a statement to The Journal.

Reflecting on her unexpected departure, Oh believes the AMS should provide short-term, seasonal contracts to accommodate students who want a role in the AMS, but have extenuating circumstances, such as pursuing graduate studies, which may prohibit employees from fulfilling a year-long contract.

“Knowing there were many other [AMS employees] who resigned this summer, I think short-term jobs could be something [for the AMS] to consider,” Oh said.

As the AMS bids farewell to Oh and other departing employees, managers are taking a moment to reflect on their contributions and how they have positively impacted the AMS.

“[The AMS] is super grateful for even [hiring] these employees in the first place,” AMS Talent Acquisition Manager Alyssa Pakenham said in an interview with The Journal.

Fall hiring is now in full swing, and students can submit applications for available positions through AMS Apply.


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