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Winfield, Puckett elected to Hall

Just like they did their entire careers, Kirby Puckett and Dave Winfield connected on their first swing, landing themselves in the Baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday.

It was the first time either player was eligible for induction, much to the chagrin of the other nominees, as the pair and former teammates with the Minnesota Twins, garnered the majority of votes—Winfield with 84.5 per cent of the ballots, and Puckett 82.1.

Winfield, a lifetime .283 hitter with 465 dingers, is best remembered by Jay fans for his 11th inning Game 6 double that clinched the 1992 World Series.

Or, more infamously, for throwing at and killing a seagull during pre-game warm-ups at Exhibition Stadium in 1983.

Errant punch gives Camby a holiday

Marcus Camby received a five-game suspension and a $25,000 fine Wednesday for the wild haymaker he threw at Danny Ferry last Monday in the Knicks 104-92 win over the Spurs.

The fine has been disputed by the Knicks organization, who feel the penalty didn’t fit the crime, if there was a crime at all.

“He [Camby] got five games for not hitting a guy,” said black-and-blue Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy, who took 15 stitches in the temple trying to block Camby’s attempted assault.

Ferry received a one-game suspension and a $7,500 fine for his elbow that preceded Camby’s lunacy.

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