St. Patty’s Day safety in students’ hands

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St. Patrick’s Day is often an unexplained, collective agreement between students to drink a lot — but there’s no obligation for their school to be the designated driver. 

Wilfrid Laurier University announced that it will be increasing security on campus on St. Patty’s Day, along with banning the sale of holiday-themed merchandise at the campus bookstore.

These measures are hardly unreasonable.

Like Homecoming, St. Patty’s Day’s association with heavy drinking poses a significant risk to students’ health and safety. Laurier’s student government said they’ve been pushing messages on the risks of binge drinking and gender violence in recognition of the increased risks the day brings.

However, unlike Homecoming, St. Patty’s Day isn’t affiliated with the university and students must take some accountability for their actions.

Students should be well aware of the degree to which their actions violate campus restrictions or the law, and there’s no reason for the university to make those sanctions any lighter, or to cancel classes, on a particular day.

Green-clad students drinking in the streets have a responsibility to take care of themselves. You can’t just rely on the luck of the Irish when you’re drinking on a roof.

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