Staff picks: Favourite Halloween movies

What Journal staff will be watching this spooky season

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Journal staff share their favourite spooky films.

Spooky season is upon us and there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by watching your favourite Halloween movies.

Whether you’re looking for something nostalgic or spine-chilling, we have you covered. However, don’t blame us if you find yourself lying awake at night afraid to go to sleep.

That said, here’s The Journal staff’s favourite Halloween movies that’ll keep you scared stiff this holiday season.


My top pick for Halloween films is the 2019 adaptation of The Addams Family. I watched this movie for the first time during my boarding school days in the creepiest old movie theatre with my best friend. In hindsight, the atmosphere was very fitting.

The message that being “weird” is always better is something we both really needed at the time, and still resonates with us now.

Wednesday will forever be an icon, whether she’s played by Jenna Ortega or not. I guess you could say I laughed, I cried, and I learnt something. On top of all that, the soundtrack features Snoop Dogg in a song titled “My Family.” What more could you want?

—Mikella Schuettler, Assistant News Editor

Every October, I fall back into an obsessive state of watching my favourite Halloween movies. Though Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, and Scream are great films in my eyes, Beetlejuice is my favourite by far.

Albeit maybe a result of nostalgia, being a frequent watch for me and my family growing up, its creativity and dark humour provide an atmosphere which really contrasts from your typical Halloween horror film.

Released in 1988, the movie features a young couple who meet their untimely demise while driving in Connecticut, and thus become ghosts. They’re then familiarized with the landscape of the afterlife, by which point they’re sentenced to 125 years of life as undead spirits.

The main conflict of the film is set in motion when a new family moves into their old home, and our undead protagonists enlist the help of a contract ghost, Beetlejuice, who promises to help them scare off their new tenants.

It’s truly a rollercoaster of a watch, and from start to finish, you’ll find yourself amused, laughing, and at times a bit scared.

 —Aidan Michaelov, Assistant Sports Editor

This Korean zombie flick isn’t for those who carve cute faces into their porch pumpkins: it’s gory, gruesome, and deliciously high stakes. Korea’s well-known for its zombie movies, and Train to Busan is by far my favourite.

It has a memorable cast of characters you’ll be rooting for, and inventive action scenes perfect for curling up on the couch with friends or someone special. There’s plenty of humour and heart to counteract the action, but this film knows what you’re here for, and it delivers for the gore lovers.

The sound effects in particular are quite graphic, and Train to Busan isn’t for the casual or cute Halloween fan. I don’t recommend you watch it alone or else you might get scared to open your bathroom door.

—Norah Kierulf, Copy Editor

My favourite Halloween movie is hands down The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The outrageous costumes, banger soundtrack, and eccentric characters never fail to get me into a spooky mood.

For a memorable night out this Halloween, be sure to snag tickets to a Rocky Horror screening at the Screening Room and get dressed up as your favourite character. I love breaking out my gold booty shorts to go out as Rocky, and love seeing interpretations of Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, and Columbia out at the theatre.

I’ll always give bonus points to the girlies that manage to convince their boyfriends to tag along and dress up as a more interesting character than Brad.

—Cassidy McMackon, Editor in Chief

If you’re only going to watch one of the four Halloweentown movies, make it the first to get the necessary context.

Though I’ve never been into gore, I love Halloweentown for the magic. Thirteen-year-old Marnie—spoiler alert—finds out she’s a witch on Halloween night. As much as I always knew the movie’s events were fictional, words can’t describe how badly my childhood self yearned to discover that I too would someday become a witch. I lived vicariously through watching her mix potion ingredients and learn to ride her magic broom.

My grandmother passed away the year before I discovered Halloweentown, but the playful relationship between Marnie and her grandma always reminds me of the fun I had with mine.

I’m still waiting to uncover my witch powers, but I’m holding out hope for this year—I can feel it.

—Cassandra Pao, Editorials Editor


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