Staff Picks: What’s your go-to CoGro order?

AMS senior management share their favourite orders

AMS picks for the tastiest CoGro orders.

With the new school year upon us, students are on the hunt for a good cup of coffee to keep them fueled through their first few weeks of classes. To work up your appetite for local campus coffee shops, some AMS senior managers divulged their go-to Common Ground (CoGro) orders. 


“My go-to CoGro order has got to be an everything bagel double toasted with hummus and bruschetta, with an exam size drip coffee. My friend put me on to this order and I haven’t gone back since! It’s a little messy so I don’t recommend ordering it if you’re in a rush, but it tastes so fresh and is made to perfection every time!”

—Victoria Mills, Vice-President (University Affairs)

“As a long time CoGro fan and twice over CoGro Manager, CoGro holds a very special place in my heart. I remember the first time my friend in first year asked me to meet her at CoGro, and I fell in love with this sweet coffee shop. It wasn’t until my year as the Marketing and Events Assistant Manager that I found my go-to CoGro order: a double toasted cheddar bagel with Top Secret cream cheese, cucumbers, sprouts, and honey mustard, paired with an exam iced matcha chai—fun fact: the iced matcha chai was my creation and, in my opinion, my claim to fame. Whether I’m feeling happy, sad, tired, or stressed, this combo always makes my day a bit brighter and reminds me of all the love I have for CoGro.”

—Phallon Melmer, CoGro Head Manager

“I’ve perfected my CoGro order over the past few years. I get the Stacked Sammy—the BEST CoGro sandwich but substitute pesto for the honey mustard and get it on a toasted everything bagel instead of multigrain bread. I make sure to bring my own Frank’s Hot Sauce to add on top, and pair this delicacy with an iced latte or a raspberry lemon fizz, depending on the weather.”

—Isabella Miller, AMC Head Manager

“Working right beside CoGro arguably made me their biggest customer. My go-to is a bruschetta bagel—I usually sub for a cheddar bagel—double-toasted, with an exam iced coffee with cream. I order this meal upwards of three times a week. It’s safe to say that CoGro keeps me fed is an understatement.”

—Sam Barton, P&CC Head Manager


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