Talking Heads: What will you miss about The Journal?

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"All I can think about right now is the amount of coffee I’ve drank and the yellow urine that went down the toilet drain due to dehydration—my head can’t seem to grasp that Vol. 149 has come to an end. I’m going to miss the late-night, delusion-driven banters with the copy team, the late-night calls with my beloved newsies, and all the ‘I hope this email finds you well’ I’ve typed in the last eight months.”

—Sydney Ko, Volume 149 Senior News Editor

“I wrote one of these goodbye messages a year ago, thinking my Journal career would end with Vol. 148—I’m eternally grateful to have returned for one final year in Vol. 149. I’ll miss Thursday night banter, hearing Taylor Swift every press day, and working with the most passionate young journalists (and would-be social media influencer) I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.”

—Cassidy McMackon, Volume 149 Opinions Editor


“There are so many things to miss—the laughter, the smiles, the inside jokes. But most of all, I’ll miss the feeling of unity as we’re all scrambling to perfect each upcoming issue. Sitting together in the cramped layout room, we had enough power to move mountains.”

—Anna Fouks, Volume 149 Editorials Editor


“I’m going to miss the fortune cookie above my desk that says, ‘people envy you.’ I think that people should envy me because the Queen’s Journal has given me an interesting job, many smart and lovely people to work with, and a priceless fortune cookie that always makes me smile.”

—Julia Stratton, Volume 149 Features Editor


“Zoom university wasn’t fun, but my two years at The Journal gave me the gift of feeling like I was always part of the Queen’s community even when I was on the other side of the country. I will miss the unique opportunity to learn, grow, and publish whatever strange thought popped into my head.”

—Kirby Harris, Volume 149 Features Editor


"More than anything, I’m going to miss The Journal’s fantastic sense of community. Everyone here has been incredibly welcoming, incredibly friendly, and incredibly talented. It was fantastic getting my first hands-on editing experience among such wonderful people."

—Martin Hayes, Volume 149 Copy Editor


“It’s rare to work in a creative environment where everyone around you is a passionate and driven storyteller. I’ll miss a lot about The Journal, especially the ability to flex my creative muscles and create meaningful, unique content with people who always make me laugh.”

—Alysha Mohamed, Volume 149 Senior Lifestyle Editor


“My year at The Journal gave me the opportunity to talk to the most amazing athletes, coaches, and people involved in Queen’s sports. It was a privilege to tell their stories and report on the highs and lows of our Gaels teams every week. The curiosity and passion possessed by the team at The Journal will resonate with me for years to come, and I wish good luck to Volume 150!”

—Natara Ng, Volume 149 Assistant Sports Editor


“If you told my younger self two years ago that I would being applying for The Journal, I would’ve just stared back at you. Now, I can say that working here has been the most fulfilling learning experience. From editing videos at the crack of dawn, rushing to get articles up, and occasionally seeing the lovely Journal staff, I am definitely going to miss it all.”

—Francesca Lim, Volume 149 Social Media Manager


“I’ll miss a lot of things, but nothing quite as much as standing on the porch with Seb in Vol. 146 while he smoked darts and ruminated about the craft of writing. We should all be so lucky.”

—Angus Merry, Volume 149 Senior Sports Editor


“A picture is worth a thousand words; it’s a tough pill to swallow for our writers, but I won’t hold it against them. After dozens of press days, it has been my greatest pleasure to spend time and share the newsroom with them. Not to mention, I will be ever grateful to The Journal for relaxing the burden of my tab at the Mansion.”

—Spencer Hendrickson, Volume 149 Senior Photos Editor


“When I applied to The Journal a year ago, I never thought this is where I’d end up. I will miss the (extremely) late press nights more than I can imagine, but I’m so thankful for what I’ve gained from my experiences here. The friends, the stories, the laughs, the InDesign skills. You can’t deny that The Journal is a family, and I sure will miss them next year!”

—Violetta Zeitlinger Fontana, Volume 149 Production Manager

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