Student artist’s work to be featured on an upcoming wine bottle

Fine Arts student Kelly Baskin wins Magnotta Winery Art Competition

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Baskin’s Presence of a Nightwalker will be displayed on upcoming Magnotta Winery Cabernet bottles.

Dry, intense, bold and full-bodied – that’s Kelly Baskin’s art. 

Baskin, a fourth-year Fine Arts student and wine enthusiast will have her art featured on a Cabernet bottle after winning the 2016 Magnotta Winery Art Competition. 

Her painting, Presence of a Night Walker, won for its striking design and its perfect fit for a bottle of red. The piece was created at the end of last school year and is a 5×6 ft. oil painting depicting a faceless man in a night scene. 

“As I was working through it, I used light translucent layers to show things that were there in the past” Baskin said. This technique allowed Baskin to present her ideas on the continuing power of objects, even when they are long departed. 

After passing the first round of the competition, Baskin was invited among 10 other finalists to Magnotta Winery’s annual Underground Cellar event, to showcase her work. 

 “I’m so passionate about my work, but seeing other people appreciate it, the recognition was great” she said about the showcase. 

“It’s difficult for people to find a job, especially those who actually want to be an artist,” she said. But, the award, which she received in late August, gave her confidence and reassured her place in the artistic realm. 

Although Baskin has won other prizes for her art, this is the first big award she’s received. 

“It was free to apply for it,” Baskin said, a refreshing opportunity for a student artist. “Also, I love wine and I usually shop based on the cover art anyways, “ she said, jokingly.

In addition to her upcoming wine label, Magotta Winery rewarded the artist $2,500 and will host her painting in their private collection alongside works by the Group of Seven. 

After graduation, Baskin hopes to keep working at her art and making connections.  

“I’ll maybe try a white wine next year,” Baskin said with a laugh. 


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