Stunning ambient grooves at The Shot

The New Deal (from left to right): James Shields (keyboard)
The New Deal (from left to right): James Shields (keyboard)

“Never before has a band been able to capture and combine the intensity of improvisation music with the upbeat vibe of electronic dance music. The future of music has arrived, it is the music of The New Deal.”


Granted, Kingston often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to live music, as many of the more popular groups seem bent on skirting our little berg in favour of the larger draws of Montreal and Toronto. Once in a while, however, we get a treat.

This Thursday, live ambient sensation The New Deal will be returning to Kingston for a one-night-only two set show at the Shot. For those of you in tune with the drum+break+house scene and for those who simply appreciate excellent musicianship, The New Deal is not to be missed.

The trio, drawn from the members of earlier college favorites One Step Beyond, the Mambo Urbano Orquestra and Gypsy Soul, are steadily perfecting the art of blending live bass, drums and keys into stunning ambient grooves. Combining the spontaneity of a live jam-band with the energy and sound of spun house is an impressive endeavor in itself, one that has listeners favorable to neither musical persuasion grooving right along with The New Deal’s older converts. The band has won rave reviews from New York’s Village Voice, and has been featured in numerous industry productions including Spin and CMJ; all signs that time to see The New Deal at such an intimate venue may be running out.

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