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Keeping warm and staying stylish at the same time is always a difficult task, especially in the super-freezing winter weather lately! I find that layering my clothing can create a stunning outfit but also helps me stay cozy. With a few staple pieces, it is easy to bundle up and still express your style!

Here are a few key items that are must-haves for layering in your winter wardrobe:

An Oversized Scarf: Scarves are amazing accessories, but also keep you super warm! I like to wear the oversized ones because they can be used as “statement” accessories, but they’re also very practical at the same time. When shopping for one, try to look for neutral colours that will go with any outfit. Also, don’t worry if this is becomes splurge item: The right scarf can be keep you warm and be worn for many seasons to come.

A Slouchy Beanie: Beanies are great hats for colder months! I wear mine both in the fall and winter. They are extremely universal and look great with both long and short hair! Adding a beanie to your look is an easy way to add warmth but it can also change your look, it can completely finish your outfit. Beanies can be found everywhere (both in men’s and women’s clothing stores), and are extremely inexpensive. If you’re feeling bold, try one out in a bright neon colour!

The Chunky Sweater: Chunky long sleeve knitted sweaters are great base items to layer on top of. Try to find ones with interesting textures (mohair sweaters are making a comeback!) and neutral colours. These sweaters keep you really cozy but also work with tons of outfits.


My favourite layered outfits are a mix of casual, trendy and comfy. I stick to neutral colours and versatile pieces that are easy to take on and off during the day.

1. This outfit is a simple example of layering that looks flattering on several body types. A loose sweater should be paired with a tighter pant, like a jegging: This way your figure isn’t swallowed up by too many loose fitting items! An oversized scarf completes the outfit, while adding extra texture. I love this ox-blood coloured one because it adds colour, but still stays within the neutral colour scheme.

2. Who says skirts have to be off-limits in the winter? Layer a skirt with tights and a knit can be an awesome look that is both stylish and cozy. I paired this look with one of my key staples, a beanie to give it a more casual vibe. Also, flannels make great layering pieces all year round! I tied one around my waist for a punch of colour. When layering, play around with different lengths; it allows the layered pieces in your outfit to stand out and compliment each other.

3. Skinny sweatpants are winter’s best-kept secret; they’re really comfortable but still look put together! I paired mine with a sweater and an amazing shearling jacket on top. Mixing textures is important when layering, as they make your outfit look more dynamic – especially if you’re wearing mostly one colour.


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