Style guide: how to thrift

Thrifting in the fall time is a great way to update your wardrobe in a budget-friendly, fashion forward way. If you have a bit of time and are feeling creative, thrift shopping is definitely the way to go!

With the “90s revival” back in style, it’s easy to channel this casual vintage look and also nab sweater-weather basics at the same time. Unlike your usual clothing store at the mall, thrifting can get a bit tricky because of the overwhelming selection. However, once you know what to look for, finding awesome pieces that are one-of-a-kind can be extremely rewarding.

When I hit up my local Value Village, I always try to decide beforehand: What am I looking for? This fall, it’s all about chunky knits and oversized flannel shirts.

Thrift stores are usually organized by colour and style, so I aimed for fall colours such as grey, navy and maroon. When searching through the racks, keep an eye out for heavier fabrics; vintage pieces are usually made well, and this good quality keeps the structure intact perfectly for years.

I went on a thrift-shopping spree to try to find some fall basics to update my wardrobe, and was quite pleased with the treasures I found. Looking for clothes in other sections is another awesome way to find one-of-a-kind items.

Here are my favourite thrifted finds:

The Flannel, 10 dollars: This men’s flannel is one of the easier pieces to find at any thrift store. Look for bold plaids; the great thing about used flannel is that the material is already worn and soft, not stiff. I love looking through the men’s section to find an over-sized shirt.

To accessorize, I paired a simple white tee underneath, and a gold curb link chain necklace on top. The open flannel is a fun and subtle way to add colour (especially for neutral colour lovers like myself).

The Knit Sweater, 20 dollars: For the sweater lover, thrift-shopping is an awesome place to find cozy, chunky sweaters for a bargain. When looking for knits, make sure to examine them for any snags or large holes; some might be fixable (like cutting loose threads) but others might be beyond repair. This large grey sweater with a mock turtleneck that I purchased is perfect for the cold weather; I throw it on top of everything and even use it as outerwear! The length of it is also long enough to wear with leggings, which is a great go-to outfit for exam season. Match it with a large felt floppy hat for a more updated feel.

Denim Vest, 15 dollars: I found a small denim jacket in the kid’s section, and thought it would make an awesome vest! I love that this piece is super trendy right now, but I did not have to spend too much to attain the look. To make the vest, I simply cut along the seams of the sleeves. A denim vest is a good layering piece (I threw it over a shorter top to add some coverage), and can make an outfit more casual.

For my smaller frame, it’s sometimes difficult for me to find pieces that fit properly so thrifting and modifying clothing is a great way to test out different silhouettes without breaking the bank.


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