Sushi roll how-to

Journal staff Terra Arnone and Justin Chin show you how to make sushi roll.

Servings: 50 pieces of sushi

Preparation time: 30 minutes


10 sheets of dried seaweed

1 package of flaked crab meat

2 avocados

4 cups of short-grain rice

½ cup Japanese rice vinegar

Soya sauce



Bamboo sushi mat — available at Division Street Metro grocery store for about $3.

Total cost: under $25.


In a rice cooker, use a one-to-one water to rice ratio for about 15 minutes. Peel and slice the crab and avocado into thin strips to prepare.

While the rice is still warm, transfer it into a large bowl and mix in the vinegar. Make sure to taste test so the rice isn’t overpowered by the vinegar. The rice is typically sweet but has a sharp, sour aftertaste.

Line both sides of the bamboo sushi mat with plastic wrap and lay one sheet of dried seaweed, shiny side down. Line it with three heaping tablespoons of flattened sticky rice. The key here is to only line the sheet 3/4 full, leaving a gap on one edge of the seaweed sheet. It allows for the roll to tuck in properly.

On the rice, place two thin slices of crab and avocado and add pressure so the ingredients stick together.

Line the seaweed sheet up with the edge of the bamboo mat, fold it over and roll.

I was lucky to have Tomoya Tago, president of the Japanese Relations at Queen’s Club, instruct me in the art of sushi-making.

While the first few attempts were ugly, sushi rolling became easier after a little practice. I quickly learned that adding sticky rice to the final fold would help keep the ingredients in place.

Cut the rolls into bite-sized pieces and serve with soya sauce and wasabi.

— Terra-Ann Arnone


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