Talking Heads: How are you coping with finals?

Talking heads…around campus

Image supplied by: Illustration by Kia Kortelainen

“I’m going home this weekend.”

Jenna Fletcher, ArtSci ’18 



“Insane amounts of caffeine.” 

Nathan Quinn, Comm ’16 


“My extracurriculars.”

Emma Gandy, ArtSci ’16


“Remember that it’s only a mark.”

Tom Armstrong, ArtSci ’16



Nathan Fish, ArtSci ’17 



“I don’t have any finals.” 

Victoria Pike, ArtSci ’16 


“Zumba and coffee.”

Natalie Lai, ArtSci ’16


“Top Secret bagels.”

Katherine Panowyk, ArtSci ’16




Jesse Cirella, ArtSci ’17 and Lucas Sterzos, ArtSci ’17


: talking heads, finals, stress

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