Talking Heads: What will graduating staff miss about ‘The Journal?’

In a few short sentences, it’s hard to describe all my experiences at The Journal over this past year. I’m not going to miss the minimal amount sleep I get on a print night, but funny enough, I am going to miss doing print layout. I applied for The Journal because of my love of sports, but my time at The Journal has fostered a love for journalism I will cherish forever.

-Rory Stinson, Senior Sports Editor

My favourite part of working at The Journal has been being surrounded by such thoughtful, driven people (as testified to by the conversations I hear every week at ed board). I’ll miss the passion and support of all those wonderful people in one room! I’ll miss the feeling of walking into the house and being reminded of the long history of The Journal I’ve gotten to be a part of.

-Cassandra Pao, Editorials Editor

I’m thinking of taking up knitting now that I’m checking out from the talk about town. I’ll miss the running jokes, nicknames for campus characters, cryptic emails from faculty. I look forward to recovering from my Outlook addition, coffee after dark, my laptop fan finally turning off. The Journal needs people who need needing, and I found my purpose here.

-Sophia Coppolino, Senior News Editor

One thing I’ll miss about The Journal is the staff picks articles. They were super fun to write.

-Oluwamisimi Oluwole, BIPOC Advisory Board

I’ll miss the connection it gave me to the Kingston community. It gave me an excuse to photograph the people and things I wanted to, when I didn’t have the courage to do it on my own.

-Joseph Mariathasan, Assistant Photos Editor

The Journal has brought me into contact with so many talented and intelligent people. I’ll miss the late-night chats and coffee runs to the ARC. I’ll miss the supportive and encouraging environment they provided me. And of course, I’ll miss the scrappy underdog energy of a student-run newspaper trying to hold a multimillion-dollar university to account.

-Anne Fu, BIPOC Advisory Board

What I will miss the most about The Journal are the discussions at ED board meetings. Hearing everyone’s unique perspectives on different stories was always insightful and helped me stay open-minded. I will miss creating content and the always friendly and welcoming atmosphere created by Journal staff.

-Jamie Weiler, Assistant Videos Editor

After working at The Journal, I finally felt part of the Queen’s community. I have the privilege of speaking to so many different students and will miss meeting new, incredible, and inspiring people every week.

-Mikella Schuettler, Assistant News Editor

The people! The Journal masthead were my familiar faces on campus over my fifth year, and I’m so happy to know them. Being even a small part of something that so much hard work and love has gone into over the past 150 years was a truly special experience.

-Kenzie O’Day, Copy Editor

I’m going to miss the warm and welcoming atmosphere inside The Journal House. It was such a great space to work and study, and I loved popping my head around every door to see who was working where.

-Norah Kierulf, Copy Editor

I’ll miss the fearless journalists who taught me to have thick skin and a soft heart, and all that reporting stuff, too.

-Aimee Look, Business, Science, & Technology Editor

The thing I’ll miss the most about working at The Journal is doing layout. Most people hate it, but InDesign is my one true love. I suppose I will also miss the people, especially those routinely sticking it out with me until 5 a.m. on press nights. The Journal will always have a piece of my heart.

-Violetta Zeitlinger Fontana, Business, Science, & Technology Editor


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