Talking Heads: Who are you looking forward to seeing at QPOP?

Image supplied by: Illustration by Kia Kortelainen

“I’m excited to see Devan and Khalid.”

Edward Chen, ArtSci ’16


“Born Ruffians.”

Danielle Laver, ArtSci ’16


“The Elwins

Erin Hand, ArtSci ’16


“I’m excited for Born Ruffians and obviously to perform.”

Nick Castell, ArtSci ’16 and member of The Attic Kids


“I’m a huge fan of Alvvays.”

Arden Streib, ArtSci ’17 (Left)

“I’ve heard a lot of Born Ruffians hype, so I’m excited to see them.”

Sam Goldstein, ArtSci ’17 (Right)


: talking heads, Alvvays, Born Ruffians, Devan and Khalid, QPOP, The Attic Kids, The Elwins

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