Team ATP elected next ASUS executive

Uncontested team earns 81.3 per cent of vote

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The ASUS election was uncontested.

Amaiya Walters, Preston Harrison, and Therese De Rivera were announced as the new Arts and Science Undergraduate Society (ASUS) executive team in Jan. 31. 

Team ATP had 81.3 per cent votes in favour and 18.7 per cent voters against in a vote of confidence. Walters was elected president, Harrison was elected vice-president (society affairs), and De Rivera was elected vice-president (operations) for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. 

“I’m so thrilled by the outcome of our election,” De Rivera wrote in a statement to The Journal. “ATP will continue to make improvements that are in [the] best interest of Queen’s students in any way we can.

“With the strong foundation that Yara, Emma and Aloka [current ASUS executive] have set for us, I strongly believe we can only make significant, positive changes from here.”

Although the team was running uncontested, receiving the vote of confidence was still an unreal moment, Harrison said in an interview with The Journal. 

Walters told The Journal that, upon receiving the results, all the team’s efforts were worthwhile, and all their “plans and hopes” for the Society are “finally going to come to life.”

Getting different perspectives on the major problems facing the Arts and Science community was one of the challenges ATP had to overcome during the election process, Walters said. Going forward, the team plans to continue to have an “open door policy” with students.

The team is excited to tackle prevalent problems facing the ASUS community. Becoming more connected with first years, strengthening ASUS’s relationship with sibling societies, and better supporting students’ financial needs are some of the issues team ATP plans to tackle.

“As mentioned throughout our campaigning process, we will continue to set goals that tackle issues regarding equity, diversity and inclusion in the Queen’s community,” De Rivera said. 


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