Team MEC welcomed as new ComSoc executive

Election sees 13 per cent voter turnout

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
The team earned a vote of confidence.

The Commerce Society (ComSoc) executive elections concluded at the end of January, with team MEC elected to take the reins of ComSoc for the 2023-24 school year.

Running uncontested, Team MEC—comprised of President-elect Mahir Hamid, Comm ’24, Vice-President-elect (Student Affairs) Ethan Williams, Comm ’24, and Vice-President-elect (Operations) Charlotte Alfred, Comm ’24—earned a vote of confidence.

The election saw a 13 per cent voter turnout. Of the total 259 Commerce students who voted, 205, or 85.1 per cent, voted for MEC. 36 students voted against and 18 students abstained.

Hamid told The Journal MEC is excited for the year ahead as they look to understand the issues Commerce students are experiencing.

“Team MEC is feeling extremely excited for the year ahead. We’re taking the time to talk to as many students as possible to hear their thoughts on current issues with ComSoc and any ideas they have for next year,” Hamid said in a statement.

“We’ve seen tremendous support for our campaign and are extremely thankful to those [who] vouched for us throughout the election. Nothing motivates us more than the support of other Commerce students, and we’re committed to making the community stronger this year.”


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