Team RTZ announces 2021-22 Senior Management team

Incoming AMS executive completes first slate of hiring

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Incoming AMS President Zaid Kasim

The incoming AMS executive team has completed hiring for the 2021-22 AMS Senior Management team.

Team RTZ—President-elect Zaid Kasim, Vice-President-elect (Operations) Tiana Wong, and Vice-President-elect (University Affairs) Ryan Sieg—announced their new team in a press release on Tuesday.

“Ryan, Tiana, and myself are beyond thrilled to work with all these passionate student leaders,” Kasim said in the press release. “Hiring our Senior Management team is an incredible milestone for Team RTZ. We are excited to facilitate their training and transition with their outgoing predecessors.”

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Laura Devenny was hired as Secretary of Internal Affairs, Anika Chowdhury was hired as Commissioner of Campus Affairs, Jacob Marinelli was hired as Commissioner of External Affairs, Samara Lijiam was hired as Commissioner of Social Issues, Brian Seo was hired as Commissioner of Clubs, and Jessica Wile was hired as Commissioner of Environmental Sustainability.

Maddie Zarb was hired as Director of Communications, Lynn Chen was hired as Director of Marketing, and Nathan Gallagher was hired as Director of Human Resources.

As for the AMS Services, nine new managers were hired: Meghan Soares for Tricolour Outlet, Paige Flippance for the Printing & Copy Centre, Josh Bolton for Queen’s Student Constables, Chris Yuen for the Peer Support Centre, and Jack Martindale for Common Ground Coffeehouse.

Mariam Atnasious will manage Walkhome, Ashley Cowie will manage Studio Q, Summer Chen will manage the Student Life Centre, and Paige Redmond will manage the AMS Food Bank.

“I am sure I am speaking on behalf of our entire team when I say we are eager to begin working and enacting the change we have outlined in our platform,” Kasim said.


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