Team WRC still wants to get message out, despite being uncontested

From left: Hannah Ramsay
Image by: Alex Pickering
From left: Hannah Ramsay

Despite Team WRC running uncontested in the Concurrent Education Students’ Association’s (CESA) executive election, presidential candidate David Wiercigroch says little has changed in his campaign.

“We are still running a campaign because we want to send out our message, and we are still being held to a vote of confidence,” he told the Journal before the CESA’s candidate forum Thursday night.

Wiercigroch, along with the team’s vice-presidential (external) candidate Hannah Ramsay and vice-presidential (internal) candidate Sarah Chin, all ConEd ’16, were among approximately 30 others who attended the forum.

When asked how they plan to preserve “Con-Ed love” in a faculty that’s set to increase to 900 students next academic year, Chin responded that CESA clubs, the faculty’s first internal clubs proposed by the team, would play a large role, as it would promote interactions between Con-Ed students.

Questions ranged from platform points to how the team plans to balance their friendship and professional relationship with each other.

In terms of their friendship, Wiercigroch said Team WRC has consulted with other executives to see how to strike the balance, and that the team had decided to separate the two spheres with a clear schedule.

“We have a lot in common, which is good, but also something to be mindful of because we’re representing everyone in ConEd,” he said.


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