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The Apple Watch was released this past April.

New technology has seeped intothe fashion industry with exciting and practical results. From sleek and portable heart-rate monitors, to eyewear with built-in cameras, it’s now trendy to incorporate technology into day-to-day fashion pieces.



Perhaps most common, the Fitbit wristband has become a frontrunner in fitness fashion. The Fitbit provides a simple-to-use interface paired with bright colours and fun designs. Its basic fitness-oriented features include recording sleep duration, step counting, distance traveled and rates of calories burned. 

Recently, designer Tory Burch collaborated with the Fitbit team. The result was a high style line, including metallic finishes as well as Fitbit pendants. 

Apple Watch

For the Apple-using fashion lover, the Apple Watch offers a promising combination of a sleek design with the integral functions of a smartphone. 

With three options of watches — the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition, as well as numerous band choices — the Apple Watch scores points in design, as well as familiar Apple technology. 

Yet, at a base price of $349, not including other required products for the device, the Apple Watch isn’t universally practical. 

Moto 360

As an alternative to Apple’s smartwatch, Motorola has come out with the “360”. This stylish tech accessory offers an Android operating system loaded with features from apps and music to fitness tracking. At a lower price of $299, this smartwatch is easier on the wallet, yet lacks Apple’s more diverse options in design. 

Google Glass

As a distinctly tech-centric option, the ever-discussed Google Glass fuses cutting-edge technology with futuristic designs. The innovative glasses allows users to remain up-to-date on phone calls, the weather, current events, and perform camera functions. 

Google Glass is compatible with prescription lenses, and all functions are activated via swiping the arms of the eyewear. However, the Glass remains an unattainable novelty, and it’s undergoing a process of revision, with no release date in sight. 


Whether technology-geared fashion is something you envision in your wardrobe, or something destined to remain in “Back to the Future” re-runs, it’s hard not to admire the incredible and rapid advancement of technology, and diffusion into all aspects of our culture.


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