The best—and the funniest—of men’s Tinder profiles

Showcasing humour and personality helps make matches

Image by: Curtis Heinzl
Tinder profiles can bring tears of laughter.

In the world of online dating, it’s a delight to stumble upon profiles that ignite the spark of laughter, the warmth of joy, and leave the heart longing for more.

Last night, my housemates and I gathered around one of their phones, mindlessly swiping left and right through their Tinder account. Thanks to the wonders of app, our Sunday night was filled with an endless waterfall of laughter.

It’s all in good fun, though. These characters take a creative approach to crafting their profiles, infusing humor and personality into their bios to attract potential matches—and it works.

Here are some of the most creative Tinder profiles we stumbled across.

*Mateo, 20

First up, we have Mateo, who describes himself as an “outgoing guy.” His profile picture is him motioning to a skeleton of some ancient creature—at a museum, I presume.

While his bio boasts a job as an electronic technician and emphasizes his love for camping, he also adds a quirky request for potential matches: “99 per cent of the time you will be shorter than me and I will be happy to tell you how the weather is from up here.”

Mateo, I wish you luck in your search for true love.

*Cole, 22

Cole’s profile is perfectly simple. His bio reads: “almost cool.”

The caption—paired with his first photo showing off a pair of snazzy dress socks—doesn’t prepare you for the cherry on top of the sundae: him posing with the current Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Queen’s Patrick Deane. Enough said.

*Timmy, 19

Everyone, say hello to Timmy. His primary profile picture shows him doing a star-fish leap while skiing, holding his groin in the air.

Timmy’s interests include but by no means are limited to smoking while drinking and being an avid astrology fan. Don’t worry—he’s a dog lover.

*Rowan, 23

Rowan’s profile is quite wholesome. Showing off his Canadian Armed Forces look, he put his Snapchat username in his bio just in case you were looking to mingle with him through another Gen Z dominated app.

The best and my favourite part about Rowan is what he lists as his biggest turn-on. It’s red flags—his biggest turn-on is red flags.

I guess red is the colour of love after all.

*Arwin, 21

Arwin’s profile may throw you for a curveball. It exhibits him within two centimeters from a deer, staring endearingly into its eyes. Even better, his profile reads: “credit score of 800 ladies.”

If you’re looking for the full package—money and a deer lover—then Arwin may be your perfect match.

*Kai, 20

Last but not least, we have Kai. In his profile picture, he has his arms wrapped around his best buds. His bio claims he’s 4’11 in heels and I kind of love that—I love a short king as much as the next girl.

Ladies, if you happen to stumble upon Kai, let’s just say if the heel fits, wear it.


Whether it’s a love for cocktails or a willingness to cosplay at the drop of a hat, showcasing your unique interests and humour is a surefire way to attract potential matches while making the dating process a little more fun.

Infusing personality into dating profiles is good. If your personality oozes off the screen and into the hearts of swipers, you’ve made yourself stand out in an ocean of bland average profiles.

Next time you’re swiping through Tinder, don’t be afraid to let your true colours shine through. Who knows, you might just find your perfect match—or not.

*Names changed for anonymity


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