The Creepshow shakes up the music scene

Canadian hard-rock band’s latest album packs a punch

The Creepshow lead singer Kendra “Twisted” Legaspi front and centre.
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The Creepshow lead singer Kendra “Twisted” Legaspi front and centre.

It’s all about passion, soul, and hard rock and roll for Burlington-band The Creepshow with their most recent full-length album They All Fall Down.

Hard electric guitar, a strong bass and loud powerful vocals are what define this album. The band creates rock and roll sounds that seem like a perfect blend between AC/DC and Blink 182!.

Starting off with an attention grabbing introduction, the first track “The Sermon III”, which is blends spoken-word with crowd-chanting background noises. This track sets the tone of the album, but leaves listeners not knowing exactly what to expect.

As soon as the second track “Get Whats Coming” begins, however, the pace quickly picks itself up into a full, angry rock-and-roll throttle.

This tempo continues throughout the next few songs until the sixth track, “Sleep Tight”, where the pace changes from fast-rolling percussion to a slower ballad-like but still upbeat mid-tempo. Although the pace slows a little here, lead singer Kendra “Twisted” Legaspi continues to breathe life into the song with her animated vocals.

Continuing much in the same vein as before, the next track “Dusk Till Dawn” picks up right where the previous one left off. Jumping back into heavy rock concert mode, “Keep Dreaming” includes hard-edged guitar riffs mixed with powerful vocal harmonies between Legaspi and Sean McNab as well as Kristian Rowles on male backup vocals.

Something that sets The Creepshow apart from other rock and roll bands is the use of a female lead singer. Generally filled with deep, testosterone-filled male vocals, rock music tends to be a predominantly male genre. Although there are several all-girl rock groups, it’s a refreshing change to see a woman as the lead singer in a mostly-male band.

They All Fall Down keeps its momentum right up until the final second, as it storms out of the room with the final track “Road to Nowhere”. The album starts off fast and ends fast, sharp and dynamic, hardly ever giving listeners a chance to catch their breath.

If this album were a beverage, it would be either RedBull, a shot of espresso or both at once.


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