The Culprits

Culprit #1: Booze

Everyone knows that the easiest way to keep the pounds off is to avoid foods that are visibly greasy or fatty. Sound simple? You just cut the fat off the steak you’re eating, keep away from the Doritos, and you should be fine, right? Not so, my friend. Pop quiz — which of these “hub” establishments are most likely to be the culprit in your university weight gain. Is it:

a)The Pita Pit,

b)ZaMaster, or


The answer is C, and the culprit is alcohol.

Let’s do the math. First, it should be established that a pound is equal to 3500 calories. The average person’s daily caloric intake can vary by over 1000 calories, so let’s use an average female student as an example.

Let’s say that this average woman’s daily intake should be approximately 1600 calories, give or take a few. Now, if our average woman goes on three five-drink benders during frosh week, she will have consumed 2550 extra calories that week,(see below for details) assuming that she is adhering to her usual 1600 calorie per day diet. Now, if she also goes out for a pita or poutine after her night out, she will easily exceed 3500 calories more than her allowed intake per week, which will result in one pound gained. No big deal, until this average girl has many weeks like this one. (I can attest to being one of these such girls).

Alcoholic Beverage

Approximate Calories

Pint of Beer

Pint of Light Beer

Gin and Tonic

Strawberry Daiquiri


Glass of Wine

Tequila Sunrise








(from The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Total Nutrition, 1999)

Culprit #2: The Meal Plan

For all those of you who are living on campus this year, you are probably aware that the cafeteria meal plan is mandatory. This is not a huge problem; there are plenty of healthy choices available for the taking. But how many of us would actually choose a tofu salad over a burger and fries. Let’s use our average student as an example again, and outline a typical day’s meal at Ban Righ cafeteria.

Now, assuming that we are using as an example someone who on average needs to consume about 1600 calories, and 60 grams of fat per day, this sample meal plan would easily exceed their needed caloric intake. Calories in minus calories out=weight gain. But never fear: the occasional beer or brownie isn’t going to lead to your untimely demise.

To be extra sure that this won’t happen follow these foolproof tips:

1) Fill up on a soup or simple salad before your main meal.

2) Have naked vegetables as your side dish (beware vegetables that are ‘au gratin’ or ‘au beurre’).

3) Have broiled, baked or roasted main dishes (avoid anything swimming in a pool of oil).

1 coffee with cream
1 bowl of Cap’n Crunch w/ 2 % milk
30 cals, 3g fat
240 cals, 8g fat
1 cup canned peaches
190 cals, 0g fat
1 glass of Coke
1 bagel w/ salami and lettuce
1 cup corn chips
1 cup raw pineapple
160 cals, 0g fat
350 cals, 13g fat
155 cals, 9g fat
75 cals, 1g fat
1 handful of jelly beans
105 cals, 0g fat
1 cup chocolate milk
1 salad w/ 1 tbsp blue cheese dressing shredded cheese
1 fish sandwich
1 brownie with nuts w/ vanilla ice cream
210 cals, 8g fat
300 cals, 26g fat
470 cals, 27g fat
370 cals, 18g fat
2665 cals, 113g fat

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