The Glorious Sons head home

Band’s lead singer Brett Emmons talks new album, upcoming Kingston show

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When The Glorious Sons hold their own personal homecoming show in Kingston’s K-Rock Centre this February, things will be different from their days grinding out a career in the Limestone City. 

Coming off a Juno nomination, the band released their album Young Beauties and Fools last month. With their fans on the edge of their seats on a three-year wait for their newest record to drop, The Glorious Sons didn’t disappoint. 

“Our fans are pretty amazing. This album was released while we’ve been on tour and within only a matter of weeks, our fans are singing along to every word at our concerts,” Emmons told The Journal

Young Beauties and Fools is a semi-autobiographical album written by the lead singer Brett Emmons, where he poetically tells a story about the trials and tribulations of his life and of the lives of his family and friends. Despite relaying such a deeply personal account, the new release still works as a rock album worthy of all the typical energy of the band’s live performances.

“It’s a cohesive album of stories that sound like they’re from the same area. It’s a lot about me, it’s a lot about Kingston, and it’s a lot about the people I surrounded myself with,” Emmons said.

“It’s also a lot about me, [as] a 25-year old kid trying to make sense of everything that’s going on in my life,” he added. “I just wanted to put myself, my city, and my loved ones on paper.”

This album was a bit of a risk for the young artists, as it has a completely different sound from their first album titled The Union

“We wanted this album to be different. I wanted to create an album of what rock ‘n’ roll sounds like in 2017. I also tried to get a lot more personal with my lyrics.” 

The 10-song release is a mix of slow and upbeat tempo songs with the opening of “My Poor Heart,” starting off slowly but picking up a tempo that leaves listeners wanting more. 

Emmons expanded on the wide-ranging shotgun-method the band employed in their songwriting. 

“This album is just me throwing a line out into the wind and hoping people catch on. That people gain a better understanding of who I am as a human being and what I’m about,” he said.

When you listen to the band’s new album, it’s easy to pick out the story of its narrator, but it’s just as easy to relate to it in your own way. Young Beauties and Fools is a personal album that encourages its listeners to revisit it over time and draw new, personal connections to its songs. 

It speaks to the strength of the songwriting that people from different backgrounds can identify with Emmons’ stories and connect with them, all uniquely packaged in tightly-written rock songs. 

This is an album about coming home, and will be all the more applicable with the upcoming Kingston show on Feb. 24. 


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