The graduation bucket list

11 things to do before you say goodbye to Queen’s

Before you part ways with Queen's
Image by: Auston Chhor
Before you part ways with Queen's

My undergrad is drawing to a close and I’m already feeling nostalgic. Before you part ways with Queen’s at the end of April, here are 11 things to try out in the next few weeks.

1. Trivia Night at Clark Hall Pub.

Every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. students gather at Clark, get into teams and answer trivia questions in categories ranging from pop culture to space: the final frontier. The whole thing lasts about two hours, and according to my friend who’s a diehard fan, it’s a whole lot of fun.

2. Visit Queen’s Observatory.

The second Saturday of every month, the observatory has an open house, where the public can go for a tour and stargaze in a dome on Ellis Hall’s roof. The next open house will be on April 9 from 8 to 9:30 p.m.

3. Jump off the pier.

A time-honored Queen’s tradition, jumping off the pier has become a Queen’s rite of passage. I avoided it during Frosh Week and every year after, but with the weather warming up, and my graduation goggles on, it might be time for 

a swim.

4. Watch a movie at the Screening Room.

I don’t have the money or time to make it out to a large theatre in Kingston. And frankly, I’d much rather visit the cozy Screening Room. The Screening Room may not have as many films on their roster at a given time, but the films they do have are always prime.

5. Karaoke at Tir Nan Nog.

The Irish pub is known for their Thursday Karaoke night. This is your chance to shine. Grab a friend and sing your hearts out, because you made it, baby. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS.

6. Try starting an essay more than two days before the deadline. 

Please, just try.

7. Fulfill all of your nom desires.

Grab a lazy riser from Lazy Scholar, Sunday brunch at Leonard Hall, a grilled cheese sandwich from MLT DWN and a crepe from Geneva Crêpe Café. Be sure to also develop a gluten allergy from eating too much bread from Pan Chancho.This is probably the only thing on this bucket list that I’m 100 per cent sure I’m going to do. 

8. Hop on a ferry to Wolfe Island and explore the area. 

After a year of sitting at a desk, Wolfe Island gives you a chance to reconnect with nature. Take a walk by the Big Sandy Bay, wander along the various trails and reward yourself for adventuring with a nice meal at a local restaurant.

9. Check out a live band at the Grad Club, the Brooklyn and/or the Mansion.

10. Take some selfies by the water or at the Isabel because frankly you’ll never look this good again. 

RIP youth.

11. Go to the damn gym. 

I’ve paid over $1,000 over the past five years, and have nothing to show for it. At least try to get your moneys worth. 


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