The Hip Files

A student band from the eyes of their student newspaper

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Chapter 1: From long-haired students to Canadian rock stars

Like so many summers since the Hip began, they’ve spent July and August on the road with a tour for their latest album, Man Machine Poem, crossing the Canadian landscape they’ve spent their careers rocking to.

In the end, they’ll finish their journey in the city where it all started. And while the crowd might be slightly different than the students who filled Alfie’s in the 80s, the energy they share with their audience has remained unchanged.

Thousands will pack into the K-Rock Centre on August 20 and hundreds if not thousands more will fill Market Square — where the concert will be live streamed — to sing, dance, laugh and maybe even cry along with the band.

With each song and chord, Kingston’s finest will sign off on over 30-years of Canadian history – and until then all we can do is look at how it all began.

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